Blood BrothersBlood Brothers

Richard appeared with Melanie C in London's West End.

Stephen Palfreman and Richard Reynard are quite superb as the blood brothers, growing up in front of our eyes from seven-year old, catapult-wielding tykes to responsible young men. I loved and believed in every second of their tender interaction. The Independent, Alice Jones

The performances of Stephen Palfreman and Richard Reynard as the twin brothers separated at birth are outstanding. The Telegraph, Charles Spencer

The cast is on terrific form and bursting with vigour. Stephen Palfreman's Mickey is pure scallywag, riding his imaginary horse like john wayne, while Richard Reynard appears to be astride a dressage pony. There is wonderful warmth and comedy in the scene's. The Mail On Sunday, Georgina Brown

Blood BrothersRichard is a featured artist on the CD release "IT'S JUST THE BEGINNING - The Songs Of Charles Miller & Kevin Hammonds" Available from Dress Circle, London, also available online on I-Tunes & Amazon.

Listen to Richard singing This is Home.

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